My name is Aleise, I'm seventeen years old and a lover of ALL things. I live in Florida. I like vintage clothing, dusty photographs and postcards . I love writing and receiving letters, adore traveling, music, and festivals. I'm captivated by stories that have no ending and sometimes pretend my life is a movie. I enjoy mint tea and coffee & I collecting little knick - knacks that mean something to me, but little to anyone else. Listening to people tell me about their lives opens my eyes to everyday struggles. 

I have always wanted to start some sort of blog but never got to it. Family and friends always say that the stories of my family's experiences are hysterical and should be recorded in some capacity. I agree that our antics are entertaining; so I have decided to start my own blog sharing some of our "Greatest Hits" and some other miscellaneous things that I feel like blabbering about. I want to inspire people, make them smile, laugh, and generally make their day better. 

Being that my father is paralyzed and in a wheelchair, I mostly will share hilarious mishaps that have happened with family trips or random things that I want to touch upon. I want to show that dealing and coping with serious matters with humor isn't always bad. I want to show that a person with a disability isn't a spectacle to be ridiculed, for they are a person too no matter how functioning they are. Mostly, I want to share how humor has helped my family come back from a hard struggle and maybe inspire others.  

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